California on Path Toward $15 Minimum Wage in 2022

This is a historic moment, the beginning of a new era for working people in California.

I am with Gov. Jerry Brown as he signs into law the strongest minimum wage standards in the nation. With all of us working together, we secured a $15 minimum wage, providing a better future for workers.

The final obstacles fell away last week, when the governor reached an agreement with leaders of Unions and the California Legislature. The Assembly and Senate passed the legislation within a few days.

Most economists agree Californians need a raise — a big one. Now it’s going to happen.

This historic measure strikes a blow to income inequality and will help lift millions out of poverty. What’s more, it will help Union members across all industries and pay scales.

This is a perfect example of all Unions working together toward a progressive agenda. It helps all working people and not just those working under Union contracts.

The new law helps in another important way. It means non-Union retailers like Walmart are less able to drive wages downward throughout the retail industry.

Here is an example of Union activism in the political process can improve the lives of all working people.

Solidarity does work!

In Solidarity,