A Victory for Brave Walmart Workers

National Labor Relations Board rules the company violated employees’ rights Walmart workers won a significant victory in November when the National Labor Relations Board ruled against the company for its ongoing violations of workers’ rights.

The NLRB acted to protect Walmart “associates” who were fired or disciplined unfairly by Walmart after participating in strikes and other legally protected labor actions.

The ruling specifically dealt with the terminations of more than 100 workers who left their jobs in June to travel to Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., where they rallied near the company’s annual shareholders meeting.

The decision also addressed allegations of threats by management meant to discourage workers from participating in efforts to improve their pay and working conditions.

Walmart may be forced to reinstate the jobs of terminated workers, give them back pay and post notices informing employees of their labor rights.

This decision is a welcome outcome for the Walmart workers who sacrificed their time and wages, at the risk of losing their jobs, to tell the world how unfairly their company is treating them.    

Let’s hope it’s the first of many victories for all Walmart workers.

Why is it so important for us, as members of UFCW 8-Golden State, to support these non-Union workers at the world’s largest retail company?

It’s important because Walmart’s low wages and almost nonexistent benefits pose a serious threat to standards across the industry. Walmart leads a “race to the bottom” in which all retailers are feeling competitive pressure to limit the wages and benefits they provide for their own workers.

When Walmart is forced to change its ways and compensate its workers fairly, we will all benefit.

That’s why volunteers from our Union turned out to support Walmart employees at their Black Friday protests within our jurisdiction.

We all need to stand together and fight as one for the future of the middle class.

Solidarity Works!