Positive Thinking: A can-do attitude is your best asset, even when times are tough


  Attitudes are contagious. People gravitate toward those who think positively. Their opinions are sought and they’re seen as natural born leaders. Stay optimistic and watch your enthusiasm spread to others!

    Optimism is more than an outlook, it’s a way of life. By keeping a positive outlook, you can improve your health and take control of your life — even when external forces, like a slumping economy, might conspire to bring you down.

    An up beat mentality has many beneficial physical aspects,
including higher energy levels and improved sleep patterns. It can alleviate a host of physical ailments like headaches and digestive disorders.

Start thinking positively

    You can begin by thinking about your speech patterns. Start using words like “we can” and “we will.”

    It also helps to put things into perspective. When you encounter something difficult, think of it as a challenge. Ask yourself, “Will this matter tomorrow? In a month? Next year?”

    Another excellent piece of advice comes from a wonderful woman named Audrey Mouer, who retired from our union. She used to say: “Any time you feel sorry for yourself, focus on thinking about others and their challenges. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

    And, of course, count your blessings: your health, your family, your friends.

Lessons to be learned

    Regardless of what happens, no matter what the situation or how bleak it might seem, there is something positive to be learned.

    My father regularly said that 90 percent of the things we worry about won’t happen and the 10 percent that do aren’t nearly as bad as we thought.
    Yes, there are those who scoff at positive thinking and prefer to look at the world through mud-colored glasses. Stay away from them! They are like kryptonite.

    There is nothing more chronically draining on the soul than being around someone who constantly worries and complains. If you happen to be one of those people, it’s likely you have a lot fewer friends than you did when you didn’t worry as much.

    There’s a difference between worrying and planning or
anticipating. If you are making plans to avoid or change undesirable outcomes, that’s not worry. That’s planning, which is a part of being optimistic and having high expectations and an upbeat perspective.

You’re never alone in a Union

    When you are in a union, you’re never alone! Our union is an extended family in the best sense. We are indeed brothers and sisters.

    Our District Union Representatives and our Stewards are there to support you when you have problems at work or at home. Of course, our union-negotiated health benefits help you and your family get the medical assistance that you need.

    We’ve all seen teams beat seemingly insurmountable odds and come-from-behind victories. We have seen people overcome what appeared to be fatal illnesses.

    This year in particular we’ve seen an out pouring of humanity and compassion in the wake of a devastating recession. All of this is evidence that good things do happen.

Miracles do happen. Focus on these things. Life itself is a miracle.

Solidarity Works!